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April 12, 2004

~ Stop Popping The Pills ~

Today my chest was on fire.  Not real fire, but heartburn fire.  The kind of pain that makes you wish it were really on fire because then you know you could put it out.  But anyways, I ran to the store and picked some Extra-Strength Tums and viola!  The pain was gone.  Wouldn't this be great if we could do this in business?  I can see the heads out there nodding yes.

Would you like the good news or the bad news first?  Bad news?  Okay.  the bad news is that there is no magic pill to cure your business woes.  The good news is that there is no set standard pill to take care of your business woes.  Seeing a pattern here?

The truth is that as a business owner you have the option to do whatever you need to to make your business successful.  However, far too many businesspeople out there have mistaken easy to use cookie cutter solutions as the cure all for their problems.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  To put it in terms of a business website:  You have this tool online that promotes what your business is doing, but if you're thinking that it's the end all and something bad happens where you think it's the site and it's really not, then chances are that there's something else wrong here.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

A good website, like good advertising will only emphasize your business.  Which means that if you lack in the areas of customer service, product or service offering, and management, then those negative aspects will probably outweigh anything positive that you can say. 

There is no magic pill, but you can do whatever you need to to clean up any internal problems your company has and with decent advertising, make your business shine.

P.S.: The portfolio has been updated with Hafemann Carriage Company's website, go check it out!

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