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May 22, 2003
   FireFrost Media Launched!  

May 30, 2003
Site In Portfolio!

June 11, 2003
   FireFrost Media has just begun work on rebuilding the back-end application to power the new version of Real Property Services website! 
n addition, we are also expecting some new projects to be starting or completed soon!

July 1, 2003
    FireFrost Media has recently submitted an article to the Greater Watertown Chamber of Commerce entitled "The Power of The Written Word".  Check it out Here!  (Also listed in our Portfolio section)
   Also, we are planning to launch some projects sometime soon.  So stick around, the best is coming!

July 28, 2003
  August 8th, 2003 is the date when we will finally unveil Captain Spicer's new website.  The site is brand spankin' new and includes a fully functional online storefront.
Check out more as we continue!

August 11, 2003
   As of August 8th, Captain Spicer's has been launched!  Check it out Here.
   Also, FireFrost is looking foreword to some new projects coming in and we hope to be able to complete a couple more in the works.

September 17, 2003
   Today, FireFrost Media launched as a short and sweet tool for the boaters that like to check out the weather conditions before setting out for a day on the river.
   The site is owned by IMC Consultants and the cams are provided by H2O Media.
   Also, coming up on the 15th of October is the Watertown Business Fair put on by the Greater North Country Chamber of Commerce.  FireFrost Media will be doing an eCommerce demonstration as well a PowerPoint presentation for the event and we invite anyone reading to come and check out all of the exhibitors there!

October 22, 2003
   There are a couple new entries in the portfolio.  One is the eCommerce demonstration site used in this year's Business Fair and the other is NNYonline's new CD.  Check them out here!

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