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December 3, 2003

~ Little Fish ~

A predominant, locally owned little fish,
Whose sole request was everyoneís wish,
Found not but the barest, not even a stitch,
Of the wishes requested let alone the best picks.

So lo and behold the little fish met,
Such a whale of a fish that the little fish bet,
Whatever that fish could use and use well,
This little fish could use just as swell.

So he hatched up a plan,
And hacked into the night,
Till morning came,
And at sign of first light,
The little fish bounded out and behold!
This little fish found a way to the world.

This way to the world, this internet thing,
Came without bubbles, bobbles, or springs.
Came without thingys and ringys and rigs.
Came without bobs or togs and wogs,
Instead it came with a piece of the pie,
And the little fish nodded and started to cry.

It cried without anger or angst or in pain,
Instead it cried out in the joy like the way,
A tiny baby picks up a new toy to play.
All round him, the little fish looked,
And saw all the colors and sizes afoot.

There were blue ones and red ones and yellow fish too,
Of all shapes and colors and sizes to boot,
Little fish swimming all over the world,
All of them silent, all of them heard.

And you know what this little fish did with this thing?
He got up his nerves and he did the right thing,
He poured all his energy into rebuilding his shop,
And proudly now serves other fishys,
Worldwide.  In a jiffy.


My apologies to the late Ted Geisel, it's my first try at his style of poetry. Better known as Dr. Seuss, Ted found a way with words that delighted many people of all ages for years and his works still brighten children today.

In any case, the point is, which fish would you be? Would you like to be the small fish? Or how about a large one? Maybe your business fits the role of the small fish and youíre looking for a way out, out to the world where you can find other fish.

The internet can help your business do that. Considering that itís a worldwide network of individuals, customers, businesses, and governments, I think itís a sure bet that youíll find something online thatís worthwhile to look into. By the same token, having a site for your business and representing it online, whether it be a storefront or even a splash page, is rapidly becoming a mandatory aspect of doing business.

So take the plunge and start looking around. Youíd be surprised to see some of the other fish swimming around out there.

P.S.: Like the new site design? FireFrost Media has been re-branded (ouch! That stung!) and is ready for business. So just take a look around and see if you like what you see. We just might be able to help you out with your next venture online.


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