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March 4, 2004

~ Get Back Into The Box ~

What makes your business so special? Is it that you do the best job or that you have the best prices or even that you look the best. But what if youíre the business sitting on the curb like everyone else waiting for that one big innovation to come along so you can capitalize on it first and get yourself off the curb? I tend to have less faith in business than that.

A recent question posed to me from a college application stated: ďWhat makes you a better applicant than all the others?Ē I thought about this for a moment then silently answered: ďBecause I am.Ē Itís this type of reasoning I would very much like to see in most businesses these days. I donít know how many companies Iíve encountered or observed that have simply missed the mark in being different. Many people think that being cheaper is more effective. Others that they are more comprehensive, though they charge more and in some cases, neglect customer service. Still others go on about the newest technologies that they use to make the job easier or better. Though they all have something to offer, they donít present a full package.

Now it is arguable that this notion of being the best out there is bunk. I mean, thereís already a top dog company out there thatís bigger than youíll ever be, so why bother beating out everybody when you can simply run your company and have at it. But that company didnít get so large without finding ways to be the best at what theyíre doing.

So what Iím saying is that I know we can all do better.
And I think itís time that we started.

Start with some creative thinking. Yes, I know ďThinking outside of the boxĒ can be a bit difficult. But thatís not what Iím asking. I want you to go out and find a different box. Go find a box that you like or one that fits what youíre doing and has worked at doing well at it. Look into this box and get lost somewhere in the cardboard. Then, when you know what you want to do, go do it. Plan it if you like, but go do it. And donít let anything stop you from getting it done.

Thatís the business attitude I would like to see the business owners of America exude. After all, itís this attitude that allowed us to break away and build America. Let alone make it a great country.

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